Dr. Karina Held

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Karina Held

Faculty of Economics and Management
Lehrstuhl BWL, insb. E-Business
Gebäude 22, Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G22C-206
Research Fields
  • Labor Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Firm Organization
  • Game Theory
  • Personnel Economics
Conferences & Workshops
Conference & Workshop Presentations
  • Second Experimental Methods in Policy Conference 2015
  • IMEBESS Oxford 2014
  • Colloquium on Personnel Economics Cologne 2014
  • Research Seminar Rady School of Management
  • 2013 Florence Workshop on Behavioural and Experimental Economics
  • IMEBE Madrid 2013
  • Colloquium on Personnel Economics Tübingen 2013
  • ESA Cologne 2012
  • ESA New York 2012
  • Colloquium on Personnel Economics Paderborn 2012
  • 2011: ESA World-Meeting, Chicago
  • 2010: North-American ESA Conference, Tucson
  • 2010: ESA World-Meeting, Copenhagen
  • 2009: CESS Summer School in Experimental Economics,
  • 2009: Oxford Summer School in Law and Economics: Modeling - Purpose and Practice, Hamburg
2010-15 Master's thesis seminar and Bachelor's thesis seminar
2014 Tutorials in "Struktur und Design Elektronischer Märkte" (structure and design of electronic markets)
2011-15 Lecture and tutorials in “Marktkommunikation” (marketing communications)
2010-14 Tutorals in "Einführung in E-Business" (e-commerce)
2010-14 Tutorials in "Academic Skills"
2010-14 Seminars in "Information, communication, and strategic behavior"

Tutorials in “Aktivitätsanalyse und Kostenbewertung” (activity analysis and cost

Tutorials in “Investition und Finanzierung” (investment and finance)


Tutorials in “Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre” (introduction to business

Tutorials in “Betriebliches Rechnungswesen” (business accounting)

 2008-09 Seminars in "Business Economics"
 2008-2009 Tutorial in "Human Resource Management"
Research Projects
  • Strike, coordination, and dismissal in uniform wage settings. European Economic Review, 70, 145-158. (with Abdolkarim Sadrieh)

  • Fair wages survive multiple sources of income inequality. Economics Letters, 121(3), 473-477.

  • Fair wages when employers face the risk of losing money. Economics Letters, 117(3), 687-690. (with Abdolkarim Sadrieh)

Working Papers
  • Sticky wages is the lab
  • Carreer concerns

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