Our Mission is to achieve high research and education standards in the field of microeconomic analyses of markets and strategic management. With the combination of normative results of rational theory and empirical and experimental observations, our method aims at a better understanding of economic behavior in complex situations of interaction.

High standards in research mean the exchange of ideas with other scholars, the participation in mutual research projects, and the publication of results in internationally accepted scientific journals.

High standards in education mean achieving an efficient and sustained knowledge transfer by being highly committed to our students and by keeping educational contents up-to-date with theory and practice.

High standards in supporting business and administration by supplying convincing solutions for current problems and providing qualified high potentials for future challenges.

Our high standards are dynamic. They adapt over time to the growth of our knowledge base, because learning is as rewarding for us as is sharing our knowledge with others.

Aim of education

The main focus of our teaching is the education of students of the field of business studies, especially the special subject E-Business. Thereby, students acquire knowledge and instruments which enable them to analyse, structure and design electronic markets, but also to support companies on their way to E-Business.

Furthermore, students of the field of political economics and information management get the opportunity to link their field of study to the subject of E-Business. An example here is the appliance of microeconomic theories to electronic markets.

For our teaching we apply methods of the game theory but also experimental methods.

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