Relevance in research and practice

Research Agenda

Things we study

Generally, we study behavior in economic decisions. Our main focus is on decisions that are made online or influenced by online information.

Our special focus is on:

  • market design

How are decisions affected by the design of online market rules (e.g. auction rules)?

  • interactive marketing

How are decisions affected by the online interaction with firms and other consumers?

  • intra-community altruism

To what extent are decisions affected by the desire to help other members of the own online Community?

How we conduct our research

We use the mathematical methods of decision and game theory to derive rational benchmarks for our research questions. Additionally, we employ empirical and experimental methods to analyze actually observed behavior. Finally, we attempt to discover simple heuristics (i.e. boundedly rational decision rules) that lead to relatively successful decisions, while reducing the cost and effort as much as possible.

What our results mean

Our results are meant to be primarily perscriptive, i.e. they should suggest intelligent procedures that are feasible despite the given restrictions.

Economic Relevance

Things we contribute

With our knowledge on the strategic and boundedly rational behavior of economic subjects we can contribute to the enhancement of the decisions made by public and private organizations, thus, increasing individual payoffs as well as total efficiency.

Our special focus is on:

  • Auction, market, and platform design
  • community design
  • online marketing
  • internet market research


How we collaborate

  • applied research and scientific consulting

We use up-to-date scientific methodes to give sound and sensible advise to public and private enterprises.

  • applied research theses

Embedded in enterprises, our students conduct applied research for their Master's or Ph.D. Theses, delivering answers to real issues with economic impact.

  • scientific business presentations

We present cutting-edge scientific knowledge in easy-to-follow business presentations.


For details, please, contact our team coordination office.

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