Scientific Project in E-Business

In this seminar, students will work on a scientific project applying techniques of academic research. The projects consist of theoretical, empirical or experimental research that is carried out in a project group. Additionally, the project may involve researchers from other groups at the OVGU, at other research institutions, or in private enterprises. After consultation with the Chair, students studying a semester abroad may also be able to register for the seminar.



 Dr. Anke Hielscher

M.A. Mathilde Dräger

Date  Mon. 01-05pm

Outline of the seminar:

The seminar consists of three parts, all of which are individually graded. The first part of the seminar involves a thorough literature review, preparing a structured table and giving a talk. The second part comprises the investigation of the research question. This can be done either by conducting an experiment or a survey, or processing already existing data sets. This part ends with the presentation of the collected data. The last part of the seminar deals with the statistical analysis of the data. Participants are required to write a seminar paper, based on which the final grade will be awarded.

The kick-off meeting provides the opportunity to answer your questions regarding the topics. After responding your questions, the assignment of groups and topics will take place.

Some topics are offered exclusively in German (DE). For other topics we offer you the option of choosing between German (DE) and English (EN), however, English is recommended.


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