Kangaroo Seminar - Statements
Statements of the cooperating firms in WT 08/09
     Bio Mitteldeutschland GmbH

Dr. Jens A. Zadek, managing director,

BIO Mitteldeutschland:


“The cooperation with the students was fertile for both parts and I am very glad that we applied for this seminar.”

     Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH

Dr. Peter Westerbarkey, managing director,

Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH:


“Due to the collaboration with the two students who were assigned to us in the context of the kangaroo seminar, the existing website has been improved step by step. The result of the team work has exceeded our expectations. We again would like to thank the chair in e-business for the extraordinary academic support and we are looking forward to engage also in further joint projects in the future.”

    Die p. A. -
    Die private Arbeitsvermittlung                  & Personalleasing GmbH

Tobias Dietze, public relations director,

Die p.A.:


“We cordially thank the kangaroo team for the successful cooperation. Due to this project we have gained valuable advice for our online marketing which will definitely lead us to success.”

    Tiedge GmbH
Michael Deck, managing director, Tiedge GmbH:

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation. The strategic thinking impressed us very much. Always searching for competitive differentiators - that was how a great online-marketing concept emerged. Thank you very much!”


Statements of the cooperating firms

in ST 09

Torsten Klipp, Ostprodukte-Versand:
“The cooperation was fun and an adequate concept was developed. The project has taken the company Ostprodukte-Versand another step further. Only through such measures can professional goals be achieved.”
    Paritätische Integral gGmbH
“The kangaroo seminar was a real blessing for our marketing activities. Through the online marketing concept we are able to reach our target groups more efficiently and can combine our offline activities in a perfect way.”
Students' statements

Janina Holz,

Team "Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH":

“It was lots of fun to do at last something "real" and to escape university's usually just theoretical teachings.”
Giovanni Milazzo, Team " Die p.A.":
“The seminar was very interesting and it was lots of fun to apply the theoretical knowledge to the company's situation and to define an adequate strategy. The collaboration with the company was very kind and informal.”

Florian Kühn,

Team "Brandschutz-Service Uwe Schlichtiger":

“The seminar was very interesting, the cooperation with the firm was wonderful and finally we got some practical experience. That’s the way working/learning should always be!”

Statements of the cooperating firms in

WT 09/10

    Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH
Gundula Pflaum, Marketing, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH:

"We thank you for the effective collaboration and the successful presentation within the framework of the kangaroo-seminar. This project guided us more than ever to think intensively about the topic of online-marketing."

Dr. Sylvia Springer, chief of TTZ:

"Within the framework of the kangaroo-seminar we got the possibility to optimize our marketing activities. All activities were analyzed and optimized with scientific methods. The collaboration with the kangaroo-team has raised our awareness, we have received many useful advice and first suggestions have already been implemented."

    Steinke Orthopädie-Center GmbH
Antje Schultz, Marketing / PR, Steinke Orthopädie-Center GmbH:

"The collaboration with the kangaroo-team was a lot of fun and I am impressed positively.

At the time of our first meeting there were many questions from both sides. During the project work we came to more and more conclusions and developed approaches for solutions. The summarized data in the final presentation and the resulting strategy recommendations play an important role for the development of the plan how to implement the online-marketing in the Steinke Gesundheits-Center."

  Euroglas GmbH
Jan Pasemann:

"Our cooperation within the framework of the kangaroo-project was a complete success. After finishing the project work the participants of the seminar provided us with a well-founded online-marketing concept which plays an important role in the improvement of our internet presence."

  Mewes & Götzl Wägetechnik GmbH
Harald Mewes, Mewes & Götzl Wägetechnik GmbH:

"In the name of our company I want to thank you for the very pleasant collaboration. We enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and the dedication of the three young men. They achieved a very good solution by using the information provided by us as well as their own experiences and observations. The result of the project was implemented completely in our operating procedure and does a good job."

   Fehr Umwelt Ost GmbH
Sven Winkel, Fehr Umwelt Ost GmbH:

"Thank you very much for analyzing the online marketing potential of our company. During the fixed schedule an as-is analysis was conducted and variants for implementing the online marketing instruments were presented. We are confident of showing success with our new “electronic sales representative” by the end of the year. Many thanks for the fantastic work."

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