Master Theses

Before you apply for our Master's Thesis Seminar, please check you study program regulations to see if you fulfill all necessary requirements!

If you are interested in writing a Master’s Thesis, please send short letter of interest to (maximum two pages).

Please understand that due to a large number of applications, it does take some time to respond!

There is no application deadline!

The Seminar for Summer Term 2024 is closed! 

The letter of interest should consist of:

  • a short CV
  • your field of study and your specialization
  • your study plan
  • your career plan
  • your grade overview from the Examinations Office (including your statement that you fulfill your study program's requirements for applying for a Master's Thesis)
  • a chosen topic from the research areas listed below, research question(s), research method(s) to be applied



 Prof. Dr. Sadrieh

Dr. Anke Hielscher

M.A. Mathilde Dräger

Date  Fri. 09:00-11:00

Research areas:

  • applied industrial economics
  • online/offline marketing
  • market design
  • e-commerce
  • game theory
  • behavioral economics
  • information economics
  • personnel economics
  • social preferences
  • globalization

Guidelines for academic paper writing

Guidelines on holding a scientific presentation


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